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"Bind them as a sign upon your arm and let them be between your eyes"
During the production of Tefillin at Kodesh Israel, special care is taken to make sure that there is strict adherence to Halacha, down to its finest details. The copying is done by G-D Fearing Scribes under the auspices of our rabbis!

The parchments are examined thoroughly to make sure there are no errors. Each buyer will find a copy of the computerized proofreading report and a certificate of our quality assurance enclosed with his Tefillin

Tefillin Gassot: The parchments are placed into their thick "Batim" (leather boxes) and are sold in three degrees of embellishment:
Sephardy Ashkenazy
A. $700 A. $700
B. $650 B. $650
C. $600 C. $600
Thin Tefillin: Can be puchased in 2 different degrees of embellishment. A sample of the writing will be enclosed with each tefillin.
Sephardy Ashkenazy
A. $480 A. $480
B. $380 B. $380
Simple Tefillin:
Sephardy Ashkenazy
A. $210 A. $210
B. $190 B. $190
* For each purchase of Tefillin, you will receive a free gift!