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"This is the Torah that Moses placed before Benei Israel"
Our Torah Scrolls are written on our finest parchment by renouned
scribes who are G-D fearing men. We carry many differen sizes
of Torah to meet your specific needs. After our scribes complete
their work, the parchment is further checked by human experts and
computer, which will be provided with the Sefer Torah.


We can provide for you a sample of the hand writing of the
Torah Scroll that you will be purchasing.

Prices range from:
$ 20,000 and $ 30,000

Cases for the Sefer Torah
Cases, wood polls, and covering comes in different
sizes, with an option of decorating.

Prices range from $500-$700, including wood polls.

Model 12: $1950, Model 15: $1650

* Prices do not include shipping or handling.